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I Am Free

What becomes of me

When I stop

And breathe?

I notice this mind

I notice this body

And I am free


Mindfulness and Childhood

Childhood presents and especially important period for the cultivation of resilience, and mindfulness practice can be a powerful method of acquiring the skills and tools for resilience.

While mindfulness is often regarded and treated as a practice for adults, and debate remains on whether there is an age at which mindfulness instruction best begins, the past five to ten years has seen a significant increase in the research  and practices connecting mindfulness to childhood and the benefits to flow to the child, the family, the classroom, and ultimately society.

Among the range of benefits that may follow from mindfulness training are increased attention, focus, memory, empathy, self-acceptance, and emotional regulation.  The list is a compelling one that speaks to the importance of research into the ways mindfulness practices (and different variations of mindfulness practices) may be of benefit to children, and even the conditions under which mindfulness practices may be an important component to a child’s health and wellbeing in relationship to therapy and medication.

You will find in the resources section of this informational website, a list of articles, books, exercises and websites you may find of interest as you learn more about mindfulness and the ways mindfulness can benefit a child.

The Mindful Kid website is a part of the family of mindfulness websites and services developed by the Institute for Mindfulness Studies.  We hope you find the material offered to be helpful to you as you share mindfulness with your children and experience the joys of parenthood and of living life.

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